Property Management for Investors in Roanoke & Salem

From COVID-19’s impact on landlord/tenant law to Virginia’s pending legislation to require landlords to law requiring certain landlords to accept Section 8, the property management industry is changing daily. Now more than ever you need a management company that knows what’s going on across the nation, down the street and most importantly- how it affects your portfolio. When you choose JMAX Property Management to care for your investment you get a team of professionals that stay on top of industry changes so you don’t have to.

Owners, how can JMAX Property Management help you?

What our owners say

“Living several states away and knowing that someone is managing my property they way I would is a great feeling. I also love how JMAX does a fantastic job utilizing technology to enhance the relationship.”

Five Star Rating

Eric L

"Super responsive and on top of everything making things very easy for us as owners. Live out of town and JMAX makes it possible for us to maintain the business remotely.”

Five Star Rating

Sarah T

“They address issues in a timely manner and my paperwork is always in my email when it should be. Fee's for services are reasonable and repairs are completed by professionals. If we get another property in the area it will be JMAX that manages it.”

Five Star Rating

Keith M

Quick Turnaround

Vacant properties are expensive to maintain, without providing income to offset their costs. The longer your property stays empty, the more money you stand to lose.

JMAX Property Management has the experience to market your vacant property effectively across many real estate listing sites, so your property is seen by your target market.

IAdditionally, our process includes tenant screening that helps ensure quality tenants are signing your leases.

A critical aspect of the overall health of your property investment is charging the right rent price.

Overcharging for rent might create difficulties in keeping your rental occupied, while undercharging means you aren’t earning as much income as you could!

JMAX Property Management serves Roanoke and is knowledgeable of the market, meaning we have the tools to help price your rental competitively in the area.

Finding the right tenants to occupy your rental property can be a challenge, and it is oftentimes one of the hardest tasks property owners have to do when starting out on their investment journey.

Determining which tenants are the right fit for a property is something that JMAX Property Management can assist with through our comprehensive tenant screening process.

Our process adheres tightly to Fair Housing rules and regulations, and our goal when placing tenants is to find someone who will respect payment policies, care for your property, and stay long-term.

Rental properties are large investments and require upkeep and maintenance to be successful over time.

Hiring JMAX Property Management gives you access to our network of Roanoke businesses and contractors who can help stay on top of your property’s maintenance needs.

Additionally, we work to ensure regular property inspections, so that problems are identified before they become costly emergency repairs.

Our experience as Roanoke property managers gives us a solid understanding of local and federal laws surrounding housing.

Hiring JMAX Property Management as your property management company means that we will ensure your property and policies strictly adhere to landlord-tenant laws and housing regulations in Virginia.

Rental income is a critical component of your investment as a landlord in Virginia. It ensures that you can pay debts and property expenses.

JMAX Property Management makes the process easy by offering a variety of rent collection methods to your tenants. This ensures that payments are convenient for renters, and that your income is predictable.

Your property is important to you, and that means you should be able to access its financial details whenever you need to.

JMAX Property Management provides regular financial reports so you can stay on top of your investment’s performance.