Resident Benefit Package

Our Resident Benefit Package is part of what separates JMAX from other management companies in the area. We take the items your lease requires you to take care of on your own outside of rent (liability insurance and changing air filters) and bundle them with other programs and benefits for one flat $29.95 monthly fee.

What is included in the RBP?

Access to Deposit Alternatives like Rhino Insurance and The Guarantors.

JMAX requires 2 months security deposit for all of its properties but we realize not everyone has two months rent handy to move, Through JMAX’s partnership with Rhino & The Guarantors we can provide you fee based security deposit payment alternatives that help keep cash in your pocket at move in. These fee based programs allow you to defer payment for damages to when they are actually charged…at move out. This keeps more than a thousand dollars of YOUR money in YOUR hands.

Insurance on your behalf, to protect against accidental resident-caused damage.

This policy provides coverage for damage to the property caused by fire, water damage, explosion and smoke for up to $100,000. Our master policy includes a Contingent Personal Property Contents Coverage Endorsement in the amount of $10,000. NO OTHER property management company in the area includes coverage for YOUR STUFF! No applications or additional approvals are required- if you are approved to rent your coverage is approved.

Credit Reporting of all rent payments to major credit bureaus.

Paying your rent on time allows you the opportunity to establish a positive rental history and build your credit score.

Identity Protection and monitoring for peace of mind.

1 in 4 Americans are victims of identity fraud. All adult leaseholders get $1M coverage backed by AIG, monitoring through IBM’s Watson, and access to a dedicated, US-based Identity Restoration Specialist.

$1.95 Monthly Credit for zero balances.

This means you can pay your rent with an e-check FREE in just a few clicks or set it and forget it automatic monthly payments. Credit is paid through a $1.95 rebate monthly if tenant has a zero balance on the first business day after the 5th of the month. If you can’t do an e-check JMAX also offers additional payment options that carry associated fees but you’ll still get the $1.95 credit just for paying your rent before its late!

Air Filters shipped every 90 days.

Changing your air filter a minimum of every 90 days (you are welcome to change more often) is not just a lease requirement, it is also an excellent way to make sure your system is ready to keep you comfortable when needed and save money on your energy bills. Having a clean filter means it takes less energy to push air through your home. A dirty filter is the #1 reason for HVAC system failures. It restricts the air flow into your HVAC systems air handler, which then strains, and often times burns out the motor controlling air flow. An HVAC repair STARTS at around $600 and an exhaustive repair can easily reach $2,000. A new system, if the damage is irreparable, starts at around $10,000

24/7 Maintenance Coordination Service

You can call in and speak to a live person any time 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Don’t want to talk to anyone? Use your tenant portal to file your maintenance request and upload pictures of the issue you are having. JMAX only uses licensed and insured maintenance technicians which means you can rest assured that the landlord’s “cousin Bob” won’t be swinging by unannounced at 10pm to try and fix the faucet.

Online Resident Portal

No need to drive to our office to make payments or print and sign documents. We offer electronic signing via secure portal using DocuSign® for Lease and move-in documents, renewal paperwork and other documents throughout your lease term. The portal contains the tools you need for contact-free correspondence with your property manager, our accounting and maintenance team as well as access to all of your lease documents any time you want.

360 Degree Move In, Interim and Move Out Inspections

You have a photo record of the units move in condition, the way you kept the unit while living there and how you left it at move out. This is not just a way to minimize disputes over move out charges. 360 degree inspections are an excellent way to show your landlord what a great tenant you are and your next landlord what a great tenant you will be.

Can I opt out of the RBP?

No. JMAX Property Management is providing the Resident Benefits Package to all Residents. Residents receive the benefits of the coverage without additional applications, credit checks, or billing.

What if my unit does not have either central heating or cooling?

Tenants renting a unit that does not use air filters pay $5 less per month than the full package price.

What if I want to carry my own insurance?

Additional insurance can always be carried by a resident. IF a resident wishes to opt out of the provided master policy insurance coverage included with all RBP they must provide written proof that they have purchased renter’s insurance that contains the proper liability coverage, keep that insurance coverage in force throughout the entire term of tenancy and list JMAX Property Management as an additional “Interested Party” on their policy. Tenants who opt out of insurance coverage pay $9 less per month than the full package price

Are Additional Services Available?

Yes! During your tenancy JMAX can provide washer/dryer rental as well as grass cutting, pest control and cleaning services for an additional fee. Contact your leasing agent with your requests and we’ll see what we can do to make your life a little easier while keeping all your bills in one place.