Coffee Shops in Roanoke VA

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As a landlord, you should consider the thriving coffee shop and restaurant scene in Roanoke, VA! Coffee shops not only attract regular visitors but also cultivate a friendly community atmosphere, increasing the appeal and value of your property. 


Roanoke features a variety of coffee spots, ranging from charming, cozy to vibrant, modern cafes. Each spot has its own distinct atmosphere and customer base, which could complement the character of your property. Whether you love coffee or delicious food, Roanoke has everything for you, with many places to go after eating


This guide dives into Roanoke’s coffee culture, helping you understand what makes each spot special. Keep reading this article to learn more about the restaurants and many things to do in Roanoke!


List of Best Coffee Shops in Roanoke VA

Let’s explore the best coffee shops in Roanoke, VA, where each venue offers its own unique ambiance and exceptional brews. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or just looking for a memorable cafe experience, these spots in the heart of the city are sure to delight.

Morning Brew Coffee Company

Step inside the Taubman Museum of Art to discover Morning Brew Coffee Company, where art and coffee combine in a sophisticated setting. 


Known for its high-quality Grit Coffee with rich flavors, the cafe also offers a variety of teas, smoothies, and light snacks.


Outside, the patio offers a charming spot to relax and soak in the museum’s creative vibes. It’s a perfect retreat for art lovers and coffee aficionados seeking a refined and welcoming experience. 


The Whole Bean Coffee House

In Rocky Mount, The Whole Bean Coffee House is a warm and inviting haven. Step inside to the aroma of freshly brewed Red Rooster Coffee, filling the air with comfort.


Relax in cozy chairs and take in the homely decor while enjoying their expertly crafted coffee or tea. Don’t forget to try their freshly baked pastries and sandwiches, making it a beloved spot for locals to unwind and catch up with friends.

Fincastle Cafe

In the heart of historic Fincastle, this cafe is a quaint and charming establishment that blends the rich history of the area with delicious culinary offerings. 


The signature Fincastle Blend is a favourite among locals, and the array of pies both sweet and savoury, prepared by The Pie Lady adds a delightful touch to any visit. 


The rustic decor and friendly atmosphere make every visit comfortable and welcoming, inviting patrons to linger over their coffee in a setting that feels like stepping back in time.


RND Coffee (Roasters Next Door)

RND Coffee is a modern and innovative cafe that stands out for its creative coffee drinks and chic ambiance. The space is designed with contemporary décor and comfortable seating, encouraging guests to relax or work with ease. 



Known for roasting their own beans, they offer unique blends and flavours that appeal to adventurous palates, including their notable bourbon barrel-aged coffee. It’s a perfect spot for those who appreciate a modern twist on their coffee experience.


Steam Coffee & Eatery

Located within the bustling Hotel Roanoke, Steam offers a vibrant setting where guests can enjoy delicious coffee alongside homemade meals.


The eatery’s modern and efficient layout is designed for those on the go, providing a quick but satisfying experience. With a variety of sandwiches, salads, and pastries on offer, it caters to a busy clientele who appreciate the convenience without compromising on quality.


Little Green Hive 

With its commitment to sustainability and local sourcing, Little Green Hive is more than just a coffee shop—it’s a community space that promotes eco-friendly practices. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere is perfect for patrons who value environmental consciousness as much as their coffee. 


Each location, including the vibrant Downtown and quaint Grandin Village, serves as a cosy gathering spot for like-minded individuals who enjoy organic, fair-trade coffee and fresh, locally sourced food.


Cello Coffee House & Cafe 

Offering a slice of the Mediterranean in downtown Roanoke, Cello Coffee House & Cafe is known for its unique Turkish coffee prepared with finely ground Brazilian beans and cardamom. 




The ambient setting, filled with Mediterranean decor, transports patrons to a different world, making it an exotic retreat in the heart of the city. The cafe also offers a varied menu that includes traditional Mediterranean dishes, appealing to those looking for an authentic cultural experience.


Chris’s Coffee & Custard

This delightful cafe is not only known for its coffee and custard but also for its inclusive and cheerful atmosphere. The “Selfieccino” is a highlight, offering a fun and personalised coffee experience. 


The cafe’s mission to provide meaningful employment to individuals with special needs adds a layer of community spirit, making every visit feel good both in taste and heart. It’s a welcoming space where every member of the community can find joy and acceptance.


Smith Mountain Lake Coffee House

Located on the serene shores of Smith Mountain Lake, the Smith Mountain lake coffee house is the epitome of tranquillity. The breathtaking lake views provide a perfect backdrop for enjoying their finely brewed coffee. 


The outdoor seating area allows patrons to soak in the natural beauty of the surroundings while enjoying their drink. It’s an ideal spot for those seeking peace and relaxation, with the added pleasure of delicious coffee and snacks in a picturesque setting.



As we’ve explored the vibrant coffee shop scene in Roanoke, VA, it’s clear that each cafe brings its own unique flavour and charm to the table, offering not just great coffee but also a community feel that can truly enrich any property. 


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JMAX Property Management specialises in maximizing property potential and ensuring smooth operations, allowing you to benefit fully from the buzz and customer draw that these coffee shops can bring. Reach out to JMAX today, and make the most of your property investment in the thriving heart of Roanoke.