Overwhelmed Property Owner Gets His Free Time Back

Thomas was struggling with managing the problem tenants residing in his rental properties. Once he approached JMAX Property Management, Thomas found that we had the solution.


Before beginning the work with us, Thomas decided to become an investment property owner to experience long-term financial gains that would be possible through having a passive stream of income. He wanted to enhance his life overall and currently owns four investments properties.

However, he soon realized the challenges that come from being a rental property owner. Thomas felt he was spending too much time outside of his day-to-day job dealing with tenant and repair issues.

Moreover, conducting showings of the property to potential tenants when vacant, performing screenings of the prospective candidates, and tracking down tenants when they fell behind on rent payments took away many of his available hours. For Thomas, the final straw was when he forced out a tenant from the property after they disregarded two months of rent, carried out thousands of dollars in property damages, and stole appliances and lawn equipment before leaving for good.


After his realtor referred him to us at JMAX, Thomas felt his earlier worries ebb away. He provided us with full access to his property portfolio and we were able to turn around his situation. With our experience in property management, we conducted effective tenant screenings, rent collection, and property maintenance, just to name a few of the things we accomplish for every one of our clients. By hiring us, Thomas was able to resume a less-stressful life again and have his time to himself, knowing his properties are being taken care of.

Client Testimonial

“What JMAX has done is give me back my time which is extremely valuable to me. Any fees being paid are for the time that I would have spent running around solving problems. Putting the wrong tenant in a property is stressful beyond compare. I am completely at ease with my properties JMAX handles because I know the tenant will not be calling me with issues. I know that property maintenance is handled in a timely manner. Most importantly, any delayed rent payments are dealt with swiftly and legally to insure a rapid resolution.” – Thomas


Now, without worry, Thomas can reap the benefits of owning multiple investment properties. He can do this without having to stressfully juggle the many responsibilities of a landlord. JMAX Property Management takes care of his rental business with ease, expertise, and professionalism. We aim to smooth out the wrinkles of a struggling investment property by doing only what’s best for our clients.