A Guide to Being a Successful Real Estate Investor

Are you wondering how to become a successful real estate investor? Becoming a real estate investor is a great idea as there’s potential for a passive stream of income and long-term growth. However, if you want to enjoy success, it’s important to learn about and understand all the basics before purchasing a rental property. You […]

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4 Ways to Attract Long Term Tenants

4 Easy Ways to attract Long Term Tenants

Offering a rental unit or property that entices renters can definitely be a challenge to many landlords and owners. It is even more difficult to maintain a premises that convinces those renters to renew their lease with you every year. As a property owner, the idea of long term tenants is attractive because it means […]

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Guide to Neighborhoods in Roanoke

neighborhoods in roanoke

Roanoke is an attractive city known for its scenic views and friendly community. Residents love living in Roanoke for its small town feel and beautiful mountains, lakes and hiking trails. The affordable city also offers quality schools, local festivals, breweries and restaurant options. If you’re thinking of moving to or investing in Roanoke, here are […]

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Eviction Process in VA

how to evict someone in va

As a landlord in Virginia, you will undoubtedly experience a tenant eviction at some point in your career. Common reasons for tenant evictions in Roanoke, Virginia include: Failing to pay rent. Excessive property damage. Other violations, such as subletting the rental or altering the unit without your approval. If you’re looking to evict a tenant […]

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Security Deposit Laws in Roanoke, Virginia

security deposit laws in VA

A security deposit is money that the renter pays the landlord to cushion for any extra costs. It is refundable at the end of the lease term. Landlords in Roanoke require security deposits for a number of reasons. Some of the reasons are to cover for: Any damage exceeding normal wear and tear that a […]

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Landlord-Tenant Laws in Roanoke, Virginia

landlord tenant law va

Whether you’re a landlord or tenant in Roanoke, familiarizing yourself with the Virginia residential landlord and tenant act is critical. Understanding these laws will provide you with the knowledge of what is required of you. In turn, this will help you avoid potential disputes with the other party. Keep reading for an overview of the […]

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